Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christmas Day hot chocolate 

A couple of days ago I was in the boys' room, helping straighten beds and pick up toys when Sam and I had the following conversation.  

Sam:  Mommy, you need to get dressed.

Me:  I am dressed, Sam. 

Sam:  No, Mommy, you need to go get dressed.

Me: Sam, what do you mean?  I am dressed.

Sam:  You need to go put on your make-up.

Me:  (Trying not to smile) Why do I need to put on make-up?

Sam:  Because, you just do.

Me:  Why?

Sam:  Because I like it pretty.  

Me:  Don't you think I look pretty without my makeup?

Sam:  No.  

This little talk was equally hilarious and humbling.  We all need a little straight talk from a three year-old sometimes.  :)

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