Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Five Sweet Months

Samuel, you are five months old today. The time is truly flying! I and your Daddy and brothers and sisters love your smiles, giggles, drooly faces, coos. You are such a gift to our family.

Your name means "Asked of God", and I chose this name for you (and Daddy agreed!) because I prayed for you before you were even in my tummy. I prayed for another child. I prayed for another boy. And God graciously gave us you.

I still pray for you, Sam, and always will. I pray that you will grow to be a godly man someday, who loves and serves God above all. And, as you're growing, I will delight in you and your little milestones. How can anyone say that children are a burden? You are a joy to us all. Happy five-months with us!


Dana said...

What a darling little blessing! I can't wait to meet him.

Debbie said...

What wonderful pictures! He is adorable.

Wendy said...

So sweet and precious. Children are most DEFINITELY a blessing.