Monday, January 25, 2010

Ten Ways to Raise a Nonreader

1. Have the television on at all times. Make sure you put a television set and a computer in every room. (Don't forget the kitchen!)

2. Keep the place neat--no books or literary magazines in sight.

3. Never let your children see you read a book.

4. Never take your kids to the library.

5. Never read stories aloud past age two.

6. Never talk about ideas while eating meals.

7. Keep the lights down low. Buy only forty-watt lightbulbs.

8. Schedule your children for every activity you can think of so they won't be bored.

9. Never play any table games together.

10. Absolutely no reading in bed or good lamps to make it easy to do so.

from Honey For a Child's Heart, by Gladys Hunt

My friend Michelle gave me this wonderful book several years ago, and I recommend that all parents buy a copy! It not only presents the "how-to's" of encouraging your children to read, but also the "why's". I reference the age-categorized book lists periodically and keep a record of all our completed read-alouds in the back cover. After lunch on school days we all get comfy in the living room and read a chapter (or three) of a good book together. I think this is a favorite time of day for us all!

Today we finished Babe: The Gallant Pig. Next up? From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.


Teena said...

I love this... and was even convicted tonight before coming here. Isn't God faithful.

We do have tv and older children.... it is hard to break the habits.

I want to go back to our game nights... and all our meals at the table... having tv free days/nights/weeks....

Thanks for the reminder.

Jessica said...

I'm looking forward to story time when Gracie gets older:) I have been a little disappointed b/c I have heard you should start reading to your babies early, ever time I try to read to Gracie though she throws a fit! Hopefully she will come around:)

Weeble's Wobble said...

Yes this convicted me as well. Great post :) And thanks for stopping by my blog too!