Thursday, January 21, 2010

The New Normal

It's been a fun couple of weeks around here! I was pretty exhausted the first three or four days home, but after that I really began to feel a little more human every day. Samuel's a delight and is doing really well at night; waking up every two to three hours to eat, but then going right back to sleep. I can handle that!

All the little newborn things are so precious: the little dreaming faces...the sweet breath...the nursing noises....the need to shield yourself when changing a little boy's diaper! :) Kevin and I are so very blessed to have this little one added to our 'quiver', and the kids all concur. Lots of time is spent discussing *ahem* whose turn it is to hold Sam next, and then who's after that, and how long each person's turn will be, etc. He is doomed to be spoiled, I'm afraid.

Next Monday we'll attempt to get back to school and some semblance of a routine around here. We have enjoyed Mom and Mom-in-law being here and helping so much, but I think we're all feeling ready to try out the 'new normal' in our home.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments of congratulations and for all the prayers. They were such a blessing to me!


Tiffany said...

Great to hear you are doing well. We are adjusting to the new normal as well. Pearson John joined us on Jan 13th. I am easing myself back into our "normal" routine and even sent Paul to work for a few hours each day this week. Your Samuel is beautiful. I love his dark hair!

Heather L. said...

Congratulations on Samuel's birth!!! michael and I were so happy to hear the news and it's great to now see pictures! Three more months to go here!!!! I'm thinking it might go a bit slower than the last three. :)

Jessica said...

love these pictures! and wow Lily looks just like you!

Anne said...

I love that your 'new normal' consists of pictures of almost everybody the baby. :) Tyler was looking at the pictures with me and he said "That's Baby Samuel!" :) Glad to hear you're adjusting well.

Candice said...

Tiffany, I am so excited to hear that Pearson has arrived! I'd love to get together and visit.