Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rejoicing in Others' Suffering?

: Ah-choo! Buddy, it looks like you're giving your cold to me.

Joseph: Good. That means I'll be getting better.


Liz said...

ha ha!! That's hilarious!

aunt Bev said...

Candice, Joseph is such a little cutie pie.... those pretty blue eyes. Congratulating you on the birth of your new baby boy, Samual. I just know you are so thankful to have your dad & mom so close, now! I bet they feel the same way. Love, Aunt Bev
p.s. everyone in this house hold is sick with colds also (strep, too):(

Jenia said...

Sorry you got a cold Candice! I hope you all are feeling better soon:) Our house was full of sickness this weekend too, although better now!!

Anne said...

Well, you can't fault Joe on his logic. ;) Hope the colds/germs leave quickly and soon.