Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen Helpers

What would I do without all my notes?  Be completely lost and confused, I think. This simple little post-it stuck to the inside of my pantry door has solved lots of arguments about whose turn it is to help me in the kitchen. You can see from the dates that I'm not too good about letting them help me often.  It's taken almost four months to get through five kids!  I just have to be in the right frame of mind and have the time, or it's a bit stressful. 

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions about cooking with kids.    


Cristina said...

Elena is usually the one that just pops and helps. Her clumsiness is getting better and she's actually able to help. She often volunteers and hand washes plates and forks after lunch. Other than that, no set schedule here, they all help with table setting and picking up.
When I cook with raw meat, I am weird about letting them mingle, unless they chop veggies( in the chopper) or they mix ingredients.
When they will grow a little, I am sure things will change and they will have more of a helpful role in cooking the food with me. =)

Anonymous said...

Monday is "Family Night" at our house; we rotate through the kids and on their week they get to pick the main dish and dessert. Then, they work with me to prepare it. If both main dish and dessert are complicated, I make one and I let them do the other to their ability. In the summer I let them each pick a whole meal to prepare, as we have more time!

I also put them to work peeling carrots and other simple things-I often need to remind myself that they are actually helpful now!!
Julie C.

Candice said...

That's a great idea, Julie! I don't know if I could handle doing it every week, though... :)

Raising Olives said...

That type of list would help me. I have scheduled days for my children to help fix dinner. One child or a pair of children for each day. However what ends up happening is that we miss someones day and then the whole schedule goes pthttt!

Great idea, thanks.