Thursday, December 05, 2013

Simplifying Christmas

Like most people, I love Christmas time. It's so much fun to give and receive gifts, wrap presents, listen to Christmas music, bake goodies to enjoy. Last year, I was just plain tired. All the many Christmas traditions we've started and maintained began to feel like a burden. Inwardly I groaned, "Do we really have to decorate Christmas cookies, make gingerbread houses, go look at lights, draw names and shop among the siblings, buy advent calendars, watch the light show on Metcalf, etc, etc, etc..." I was feeling a bit Scroog-y. We did those things and I tried to maintain a good attitude. I do of course want to make special memories for and with my children. I just want to find a balance between laziness (on my part) and frenetic activity that wears me out and makes me a grumpy Mom.

After the Christmas season last year, I purged a lot of my Christmas decorations. I just had too much stuff. So, I kept the things I really think are beautiful or that the kids really enjoy. This year putting up decorations was so nice and simple. A few things here and there, and of course the tree. I think I'm going to apply my decorating philosophy to our busy Christmas fun "to-do" list. We will keep the things that are really important, and if we need to skip a thing or two, that's okay. My goal won't be doing it all, but making what we *do* get around to special.


Anonymous said...

Exact same feelings on this! We have purged big-time in every area! Hope you enjoy an easier, more restful Christmas as a result. Love you! Summer

Anne said...

I have been feeling the same thing - the need to simplify Christmas and make the things we do more meaningful instead of a bunch of little things. I'm still struggling with 'not doing enough/doing too much' and I've had to ask for forgiveness several times this month for my grumpy attitude...but I think all in all, it will be more meaningful to do a couple of really fun/special things that they will remember. I'm trying to think of the things that were most memorable to me growing up and go from there. ;) Happy Christmas, Dennis Family. I hope you have a healthy and restful time! :)