Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday in the Backyard

Yesterday marked my baby's fifteenth birthday. Can it be? Fifteen years ago today I was waking up in the hospital with an unbelievable joy, realizing that I had a baby! Keely has been a delight and a joy, and I love how our relationship is growing and changing as she does.

While at Aldi grabbing a few things for her birthday dinner, I couldn't resist picking up some water guns for the boys.  Even a thirteen-year-old can appreciate a baby pool as a refilling station.

Earlier in the afternoon we spotted this baby redheaded woodpecker flopping by our front door.  We decided it was injured as it was sortof rolling sideways, and tried to help it.  He was beautiful and we enjoyed seeing him up close.

Unfortunately, he did die a few hours later.  You can see in Lily's eyes that she sees it coming.  She is our tender-hearted animal lover.

My little Eli is Daddy's biggest (smallest?) fan.

Happy birthday, my dear daughter!  I love you and am so blessed to be your Mom!

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