Friday, June 29, 2012

Everyday Joy

Seems like the past week has held little moments when I just felt blessed. Of course, I am blessed all the time, but often lose sight of that fact when I take my eyes off of my Savior and fix them on minutiae.  Common grace and special grace abound.  Thank you, Lord.

...A two-year old with bed-head and sleepy eyes making his way down the stairs in football-printed pajamas.  The day is fresh and at this moment I feel ready to face the potty accidents that surely lie ahead.

...Relaxing in our comfy overstufffed chair with my little Eli nestled in to nurse.  He pulls away and smiles at me, milk running out of one corner of his mouth.  

...Watching Row and Joe on their last day of swimming lessons.  The water and sky were so blue, the noise of kids having fun so pleasant.  Thank you Lord, for the money to help my children learn this skill!

...Hearing Kevin from the other room encouraging Sam to stay the course on the little frog potty.  I hear him say, "Let's choose some good potty music!" in an enthusiastic voice. 

...Our new neighbor sends me a gorgeous vase of fresh-cut flowers from her yard.  And a hot blackberry cobbler made from berries grown in her garden.  Thank you Lord, for neighbors who delight in our children instead of seeing them as a noisy nuisance.

Sam talks to Debra

 Debra's blackberries, which are adjacent to our yard

...Kevin and I hold each other's glance across the living room.  He's been home for at least an hour, and we've hardly had a chance to speak in the midst of the noise and bustle.  We smile at each other. Remember? it was just us before.  Look at what the Lord has done!  Look at how we've changed!  I love you, my husband and friend. 

I hope you are given the gift of little moments like this today, and the gift of recognizing them and rejoicing in them! 


Anne said...

Thank you for that, Candice! I've been feeling a little more 'woe is me' this week since my mom left on Tuesday, but your post was definitely an encouragement and a very good reminder. :)

Heather L. said...

Oh the potty training.......I think I am entirely worn out from a week of it -- not sure whether to continue or not. Part of the problem is life hasn't slowed down to just contain potty training. I hope it goes well for Sam!

Jenia said...

A beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder of the blessings of life :)

JoLynn said...

Oh how I miss you and my little friends...I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me w/ all of you in my life :)