Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plans and Reflections

Wow. I feel so out of the loop with homeschooling right now. Before we moved two-and-a-half weeks ago, we took a few days off to hit the packing hard. Then, the week after we moved, we took a not-so-relaxing spring break settling in. Last week we did lots of running to and from standardized testing, yesterday we had CC commitments, and today we had a fun day with friends. It's been a working vacation from normal school, for sure! I am really looking forward to being home tomorrow with a focus on school--not unpacking, cleaning, or planning for anything else. I can only take so much erranding around before I start to feel worn thin. I love to be home, and need to be home to make it 'run'. Do you find that, too?

The Lord has been convicting me lately about a specific sin in my life. I was discussing this today with my lovely friend Tara. She expressed how hard it is, but how good it is, when the Lord shows us some ugliness in our hearts. So true. I am seeing, by God's grace, how I tend to rush my children, not really take the time to listen to them; how my schedule, productivity, order, and peace are often idols in my heart. Ah--it makes me tear up to think of the times lately that I have put off a child needing my undivided attention because I was too busy with 'more important' things. Lord, thank you for revealing this area of sin in my life. Please help me to die to my own desires, to tear down those idols that hurt my loved ones and displease You.

Will you pray for me? How can I pray for you?


Anonymous said...

Candice, I also confessed some sin I was holding onto to Kim this week that I knew I needed to forsake and be held accountable for. It wasn't a "big sin", but it was sin, and that's big enough. The Lord is good to be so patient with us. So, I understand where you are and praise the Lord that the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts and isn't content to let us live in mediocrity. I love that, as I die to myself, He fills me with so much joy that "my desires" never gave me. It makes me realize how silly it was holding onto them so strongly to begin with. I will pray for you and would appreciate your prayers for me to be steadfast and mindful of the joy of being obedient as opposed to the emptiness of gratifing myself. Love you so much and look forward to chatting at the conference! See you there! Summer

Melody, Countrified Hicks blogger said...

Wow! God used you today to show me my exact same sin. This is my first time to your blog and this post was here. Yes, I'll pray for you and please pray for me too!