Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homeschool Schedule Update....or Confession!

Since posting earlier about our homeschool schedule for this year, I've felt the need to confess that we have only 'stuck' to it a very few times! So, though I often have great intentions and expectations about how our days will go, I find that planning is much different than practice! It is nice to have a 'skeleton' schedule to fall back on, or a plan that someone else could follow if I were to get sick or be unavailable, but today I'm going to share how our day has gone, in all its messiness. :)

I texted my walking partner this morning at 5:45, bowing out of our morning walk at 6:00. It was cold!! I went back to sleep.

Kevin turned on the light and unleashed some kids on me around 7:45, and Joe and Rowan showed me a pile of 'get well' cards they made me last night. I'm assuming that they thought I was sick because I went to bed before eight o'clock. I assured them that I'm not sick, just tired from our day at CC and tired from growing a baby. :)

By about 8:45, everyone had eaten breakfast, the kitchen was semi-cleaned up, and a load of laundry started. We gathered in the living room for Bible time around 9:00. We worked on memorizing Isaiah 53 (we've completed verses 1 through 8!) and read a chapter from Matthew. It was neat to be able to link what we read about Jesus not answering Caiaphas' questions in chapter 26:63 with what we had just worked on in Isaiah: 'like a lamb that is led to slaughter, and like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, so He did not open his mouth.' We prayed for Jewish people in Israel--believers and non--and some other requests from the kids.

While still seated together in the living room, I read a chapter of The Story of the World to the kids and they colored a picture of the subject of our chapter, Louis XIV. (They did have to wait a few minutes while I copied these sheets upstairs.) We discussed the chapter afterward and talked about how the French Revolution would follow his reign by about 80 years. We came upstairs and looked at some pictures of the Palace at Versailles.

Keely headed downstairs to her desk in the basement to begin her Challenge assignments for the day. I played Candyland with Annesley, Rowan played with Sam outside, Noah worked on a phonics page with Joseph, Lily completed her typing and journal. I went to fold clothes after our game ended, and Lily played a second round with Annes when she finished her independent work.

I gathered everyone (except Keely) in the living room again after I realized that we forgot to go over our CC grammar. We reviewed our timeline, math, science, Latin, English grammar, history sentences, Bible verses, geography, and science facts from the last 6 weeks of CC. We also sang our U.S. Presidents song. This took about 45 minutes.

I hope to make a field trip to the Truman Library and family home up in Independence, MO, sometime this fall, so I'd checked out some books and a video about him from the library. I read a short picture book about him to the kids, and they watched a 15 minute video about his presidency while I made lunch.

The kids ate and cleaned up and watched a tivo'd show (probably Martha Speaks) while I caught up on email and did some reading online.

I put Sam down for his nap, and also two of the younger children had to go to naptime because they were arguing and being unkind to each other. The remaining children listened to a chapter of Where the Red Fern Grows on CD.

I went over two math lessons with Keely, reworking missed problems. Then I went over two math lessons with Noah, and then taught Lily's math lesson to her for the day. Then the kids were 'released' to finish up any remaining work for the day and to spend some time reading.

So...it's 3:52 now, and I'm satisfied with a productive, if scattered and un-scheduled, school day! Granted, I have yet to shower and I'm not sure of what caliber dinner will be tonight...Chicken nuggets, anyone?


Jenia said...

Thanks for sharing about your day... it is nice to know not everyone has it together all the time! I certainly do not, this growing a baby thing is taking a lot more energy than I remember! LOL! Have a great day :)

cmelvin said...

Candice, one of the things that have helped me a great deal is getting the SOTW CD. This way, I can fold up or just get sheets printed out and ready while we all listen to the story. =) It was a GREAT investment as well as the Saxon DIVE cd.

Candice said...

Cristina, I love the DIVE cds! I am hesitant, though, to get the SOTW on CD, because I enjoy reading and learning with the kids so much! I am afraid that I would go work on other things, and miss out on the history! :) Do you sit and listen with your kids?

cristina said...

I do listen with them, just because growing up in Communism, I was robbed of the real history and I am now having to relearn. I pop our CD in the living room while I catch up on laundry most of the times. =)