Friday, July 29, 2011


I feel a little funny about sharing this schedule, with me supposedly up at 5:30, after a week of getting up around eight each day! Today, I did manage to get up at six...I've given us all a more 'lax' week as far as the schedule goes, as I think we've all been catching up on sleep since family camp last week. A few years ago I'd be stressed out about this and feeling like a failure for not sticking to my scheduled plan; now, I am just really happy that we have the flexibility to rest more when we need to. So, here's what I came up with. Most days it's a loose guide, some days we actually stay with it all day.

5:30 Mom up, quiet time, dress, makeup

6:45 begin breakfast, wake kids, make Kevin's lunch (need to work on getting this done more often; usually he makes his own!)

7:15 Breakfast cleanup*

8:15 Mommy time with Annesley (playing games, reading, coloring...just spending some time with her before I get focused on helping the school-aged kids)

8:30 family worship

9:00 CC review (we work on miscellaneous memory work from Classical Conversations)

9:30 K- math
L-typing/work on independent checklist**
R-read to Annesley, Sam, play with them
J-phonics/handwriting/geography/read to him/he reads to me (We don't cover all of this every day; I try to make phonics and handwriting priority. We also work on a little Rod and Staff Bible story/coloring book.)
A-with Row
S- with Row

10:00 K-math/checklist
L-read to/play with S
R-math with me
J-alone time
A-alone time
S-with Lily

10:30 break outside/go over graded work with oldest 3

11:00 K-checklist/typing
L-math w/ me
J-play with S, A

11:30 lunch prep*, all other kids finish morning chores/work

12:00 lunch/cleanup*

1:00 Read aloud to all, Sam nap

1:30 R, J alone reading in bed
KNL-finish daily work

2:00 N, L grammar lesson
K-daily work or assigned reading

2:30 KN Science with me
L-assigned reading or rest time

3:00 K, N assigned reading for 45 minutes

3:45 done

*I've begun a two-month rotation for breakfast cleanup, lunch prep, lunch cleanup, and dinner cleanup. Right now, Joe is my breakfast cleanup helper, and though he's actually not much help, it's a good chance for me to train him as I'm usually in the kitchen at this time, too. Keely prepares lunch for us, the middle girls clean up lunch, and Noah cleans up after dinner with Daddy.

**Each of the kids has a checklist hanging on the wall in our schoolroom. It has written on it things they can do independently each day, and they check off their tasks with a dry-erase marker. Keely's, for example, has such things as piano, history reading (which I assign ahead of time), and laundry. Joseph's has 'brush teeth','make bed', etc.

Hope this is helpful to you if you're planning your own school year at home, or just curious about how our days might look. Have a great weekend!


Savories of Life said...

Great ! Hope you join me for soem blog giveaways!

Wendy said...

Wow, now I feel really guilty lol. Our schedule is much more relaxed than that lol. But we're on summer break so that's my story! lol

summer said...

Thank you for taking the time to type all of that out, Candice. That's pretty close to the way we do things around here too. Whether you have 2 kids or 8, schedules make a big difference in the efficiency and peacefulness of your day. Hope you have a blessed school year (even when the schedule's not working)!