Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colorado Pics

On our way out to Dodge City, we stopped to see some Santa Fe Trail wagon ruts...however, we had a hard time figuring out exactly where they were...those ruts? or the discolored grass over there?....oh well. We were near them, anyhow, and had fun visualizing all those covered wagons making their slow trek west.

Dodge City was interesting, and this primitave jail was a bit scary. No cable t.v. and a/c for those bad boys.

The kids enjoyed sasparillas (very sweet root beers) at Boot Hill Museum.

The girls waiting for the gun fight to begin. We had an interesting talk about the 'saloon girls', and how even though they were dressed in cute outfits for the reenactment, that their lives were really sad and their 'occupations' evil and shouldn't be romanticized.

Sam was very concerned when the shots began to ring out. I took so many pictures of him with this pensive look on his face.

There were beautiful flowers throughout downtown Westcliff, CO.

Lily and Kevin went horseback riding on Monday, and had a great time. What a treat for my horse-loving girl!

This is the view from our cabin's front porch. We tried not to wake the neighbors before 7 a.m, but it was hard. Yes, Sam has a sharp stick in his mouth in the background. No, we didn't end up with any injuries during camp week. :)

Our favorite thing about family camp was meeting so many neat people from different congregations in our denomination. A very close second, for me, was having someone cook and clean up three square meals a day for us! I almost felt a little guilty at first leaving our messes for someone else! I think if/when we go again, it will be helpful to bring our baby monitor. I felt a little tied to the cabin in the afternoons when the little ones were napping, and wished I could've had some more freedom to socialize in those hours.

The lectures on sin by Andrew Quigley were hard to hear, at times, but had the ultimate effect of reminding me how great Christ's gift of salvation is, despite the ugliness of our sin. The Lord was applying what we were hearing to my heart and Kevin's, as we worked through some wrongs we had committed against each other on our trip. Marriage is hard work, even on vacation!

We're back in the swing of school after taking Monday off to deal with laundry and grocery shopping. It's good to be home, and we're getting excited about beginning our homeschool community again in a few weeks.

Stay cool out there!


Jenia said...

Great vacation pics! So glad you guys were there :) I am still trying to get mine posted... somewhere! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! We are so glad ya'll are back home safely and that you had a good week.

Miss you all!

Mom and Dad