Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seven Things

1. I've been reading a lot lately, and have pretty much eliminated t.v. from my evenings altogether. Not that we usually watch much. A tivo'd episode of Shark Tank or Jeopardy, or sometimes, if I'm alone, America's Next Top Model. Don't be too disappointed in's my guilty pleasure. Anyway, I've recently read To Kill a Mockingbird (for the first time) and am almost through Jane Eyre (also never read that one--can you believe it?) I wanted to preview To Kill because Keely will be reading it soon, and I knew it had some mature themes. What a great book. We'll definitely be discussing it together as she reads it, though. And Jane Eyre ranks right up there with my favorite Jane Austen books.

2. Over Sunday lunch, Kevin always has the kids take turns telling us all what they learned in their SS classes. Last Lord's Day, Rowan was telling us about Jezebel, and after she finished with "...she was a really bad lady" Joseph chimed in, "Yeah, but she sure had a pretty name!" We were cracking up.

3. Sam and Joseph and I went to visit a little friend in the hospital today. She's Joe's age and had surgery yesterday, that praise God, went very well. I'm always reminded to hug my littles and thank the Lord for their health when I see all the sick children and weary-looking parents at the children's hospital.

4. Due to my 'advanced maternal age' --I'll be 35 when the baby is born-- a 'level 2' sonogram was ordered for me this time around. It was Monday, and basically the only difference I could tell was that it was performed by a doctor instead of a sonographer. Everything looked healthy and we had the pleasure of seeing our beautiful little one again. We didn't yield to the temptation to 'find out' and turned our heads away when the doc was looking in the area of the baby's business. It will be fun to be surprised!

5. Speaking of 'advanced maternal age'....I am experiencing 'advanced maternal weight gain'. I can't believe I'm going public with this, but I have gained 15 pounds already! And the baby weight 6 ounces! Shame on me. I'm trying to get it under control.

6. Last weekend we took the kids to the county fair and carnival. Since we are on a budget, they were only allowed to ride a couple of rides each, but it was really fun to watch their faces from below--especially Row and Lily on the ferris wheel. You'd have thought it was the gut-wrenching tornado of death the way they were screaming! The older kids rode things that you couldn't pay me to get on. I'm actually really happy that they inherited their Dad's fearlessness instead of my boring-ness.

7. I'm so thankful for the friendships of other godly women. This truly is a gift. I've recently sought advice and council from one friend in particular, and have been blessed by her faithful and honest words, love and prayers for me. I aspire to be that kind of friend.

Blessings to you all, and say 'hi' if you have a minute to spare!


Melissa said...

Hi Candice! I, too, have enjoyed reading books that I know my kids will be reading. And I'm always surprised at the fact that I didn't read such good literature when I was growing up. Thank goodness for homeschooling and the ability to raise up kids who are being exposed to great literature!

I'm glad you're feeling better now that you're further along in your pregnancy :)

Denise J. Hughes said...

I love "To Kill a Mockingbird." I read it for the first time last year when I had to teach it to my class of sophomores. (I'm an English teacher.) I haven't read "Jane Erye" yet. Although I'm pretty sure I have a copy lying around. I tend to collect books faster than I can read them.

I wrote a blog post last year on "To Kill a Mockingbird" that goes a little into the historical background for the book.

(I don't know if that link will work. But if you're interested, you could cut and paste it.)

I enjoy your blog. And the picture heading is too adorable for words.

Dana said...

I am currently readying Jane Eyre for the first time, also! I have also been reading many books that Elise has read, and that my others will. I read my first Jane Austen book about a year ago, and have read most of her books now. I didn't know what I was missing. Glad you are all well. Love, Dana

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by blog to say hi! Nice to 'meet' another RP!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that I love To Kill a Mockingbird, its one of my all time favourite books, along with all the Jane Austen books. I was never really able to get into the Bronte sisters novels though, I might have to try again sometime!