Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday Pics and Today's Goings-on

Last Friday I awoke with the desire to change things up a bit. I encouraged the kids to stay out and play longer, I arranged a tea party for us girls, I let Noah spend time tinkering with his new lawn mower, and I leisurely prepared for the guests we had over for dinner that night. It was a nice day.

I took about 20 pictures of these two on the trampoline together. It was so much fun to see them having such a good time. Try not to notice that huge saggy diaper on Sam. :)

Noah asked Kevin if he could take apart the lawn mower last week. Kevin's response? "Um, no." How exciting to find, two days later, a $5 lawnmower at a garage sale! It needs a new carburator, but that does not detract from the fun of dismantling and playing with it, apparently.

Today we interspersed cleaning/organizing/preparing for a showing that was scheduled for 5:45 this evening with school. We got the house in shape and even managed to get everyone fed and the kitchen cleaned up in time to pull out of the driveway exactly at 5:45. When we returned an hour and a half later, it looked like the realtor never showed! Lights all still on, no realtor's business card on the counter. Frustrating! However, we did enjoy a nice drive south of town to look at a beautiful property, and were able to pet the owner's goat and mule and admire the goldfish and chickens. (Loved the property, but the house wasn't quite what we're looking for...) Oh well, let's just hope they don't call to reschedule in two days when the house is a wreck again... :)

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Jenia said...

Sounds like a really great Friday! Love the pics of Keely and Sam :)