Friday, June 03, 2011

It's the Strangest Thing...

It's the strangest thing: even though I love to write, love to blog, love to hear from you who comment, lately I have not had the slightest desire to sit down and do it! It seems like the last two months, life has taken a turn for the busy. Don't know if it's that Samuel is getting into things more as he grows, or if it's because my Mom is no longer here helping us two to three times a week...but it has really taken all of my focus and energy to just keep the home fires burning and take care of the needs of my children and husband.

The kids at a local children's farmstead--Keely was babysitting that day.

We're doing well. Life is rolling on, and we are all thankful for the sunshine and freer days now that we are on our school break for June. We're looking forward to Keely's 13th birthday next week (I can hardly believe I'm that old---I mean, she's that old) and our church's VBS the week after that. Noah's playing baseball for the first time ever, and it's been so much fun to see him play, and fun for Kevin to help coach his team. We are blessed, and God is so good and faithful to us every day. Blessings to you, and I'll try to pop in a little more often. :)

A backyard tea party with our friend Sarah

Decorating Rowan's birthday cake

Our end-of-school year 'awards ceremony'

Sam is either clapping for his siblings or clapping because he got M&Ms... :)

My handsome hubby with a little monkey on his back

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Jenia said...

So happy to see your blog pop up on my favorites! I miss your posts... I understand about the business though, I haven't posted much lately either :)