Monday, May 09, 2011

Noah's First Flight

For weeks, Kevin and I have been keeping a secret: for Noah's eleventh birthday, Kevin had arranged for him to go flying with a friend of Kevin's who has a plane. Understand: this is the boy who eats, sleeps, and breathes all things aviation. He spends his time reading about airplanes, watching t.v. shows about airplanes, building paper airplanes, collecting model airplanes, dreaming about airplanes. And he's never flown at all, even on a commercial flight. And he had no idea what we had planned. When we pulled into the airport, I asked him if he had figured out what we were doing. He said, "Are we gonna look at some planes?!"

At this point I was almost crying because I was so excited for him. I said, "No, we're gonna GO FLYING!!" He was ecstatic.

A Beechcraft Bonanza

This smile hardly left his face!

Watching Bryan begin safety checks.

More safety checks as Bryan explained what he was doing to Noah. I liked the safety checks. :)

I got this shot just as we were airborne. Priceless.

The upper cluster of buildings is where Kevin works--The Sprint Campus.

Downtown KC

Princess Leia-esque, don't you think?

Eating BBQ at the Miami County Airport


Bryan, the plane's owner, was so great to explain what he was doing and why, and even let Noah take the controls at one point...which caused my lunch to lurch. :) We did two 'touch and go's', and it was an all-around great experience.

Noah declared it "[One of] the best days of my life!!!" Happy Birthday, Noah!! Just don't expect us to top this one next year. :)


Anne said...

Your pictures tell the whole story, Candice. :) So glad it was the 2nd best day of his life. ;) I didn't get to see or talk to him yesterday at church, so please give him our best wishes. :)

Franck Barfety said...

Nicely done Mom and Dad. Happy Birthday Noah! He will forever cherish that priceless picture Candice.

Martha said...

I cried just reading your account. What a special present for a special young man. He just HAS to become my personal pilot!!!

Dana said...

What a great birthday present!! His smile says it all.

D.J. Hughes said...

Very cool. He'll remember that forever.