Monday, November 01, 2010

Weary Monday Night

Weary, but good. We've had a wonderful and busy day today, and the chores and work yet to be done are many...but I am thankful for all the little people who produce the chores and work! They are so worth it.

I have a stack of grading calling my name. The older kids went on a trip with their grandparents last week, which was such a special time for them. I, being the mean homeschooling Mom that I am, made them take some work with them, and I must get the stuff looked at tonight...Don't worry; they had lots of time for fun!

I've just finished reading The Screwtape Letters again, and many pages are dog-eared marking wonderful passages; too many to quote here. If you've never read it, or haven't read it in a while, I highly recommend it. It's convicting, eye-opening, and humorous. It makes me think more of the spiritual battle that is taking place all around that I tend to forget about.

Okay, I really have to go grade those math papers. Have a blessed week!


Dana said...

I like the Screwtape Letters, also. Have you ever listened to the Focus on the Family audio production of it? The same person who was Gollum in LOTR did the voice of the lead demon. Very well done.

Franck Barfety said...

That's a great read. I am currently re-reading Miracles by CS Lewis. Amazing the stuff I missed the first time. Thanks for the info Dana! Here is a link:

Candice said...

I have seen the FOTF version of The Screwtape Letters in catalogs, but have never heard it. I need to check that out. We love the Narnia and Christmas Carol radio productions by FOTF. They are excellent!

Debbie said...

That was wonderful of the grandparents! What special times!