Friday, August 20, 2010

Still Here Trying to Make Our House Look Un-Lived In

Gee-whiz! I have really fallen down on the job of taking pictures lately! I just opened iphoto to try to find one to use here, and the most recent ones are of our house for the internet listing! Don't think you'd be too interested in this old-ish picture of my Dad and I working in the basement on recovering our dining room chairs will have to suffice. Yes, I know it is slightly tacky to have plastic on any type of furniture. However, which is better: fabric covers embedded with spilled spaghetti sauce, chocolate milk, and potato grease, *or* nice, clean fabric covered with tacky plastic? See what I mean?

We've had a nice week here. Several showings, no offers yet. We do have a suspicion we may be getting an offer soon, though. So, it's really hitting us that soon, someone else may be living within these walls. Kevin and I have no doubt at all that we are doing the right thing by selling, but it still gives me a little pang in my heart to think of saying goodbye to this home. So many memories here!

God is teaching me to trust Him more and more. The house we originally wanted is off the market now, so we have no idea where we'll go when this house sells. This presents a little bit of a problem for me, a type-A planner who likes to have all her ducks in a row and marching in a synchronized manner. Did I mention that God is teaching me to trust Him? It's really true. I have gone from having trouble sleeping because of racing thoughts, to being pretty much calm. Pretty much. Most of the day. :) He is faithful and I definitely see that I need some uncertainty in my life to force me to lean on Him more!

The kids are doing great; we had SO much fun in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago visiting family. Still waiting on someone to send me some pictures so I can share them here. hinthint.

Hope your weekend is blessed and focused on the Giver of all good things!


Anne said...

Glad to hear the showings are increasing...and I hope you get an offer soon. We'll be praying that God's opening and closing doors for you as to where he wants you to be.

Heather L. said...

Looking forward to hearing how God works it all out.

Wendy said...

Good luck on selling your house. God will work it all out and right on time too.