Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peace in Affliction

I just finished reading a light biography of James "Stonewall" Jackson. Whatever you or I think of the Confederate Army and their cause, this man had a striking faith in God. Days before his death in battle, Jackson was wounded in the arm, and subsequently his arm was amputated. When a friend commented on the 'calamity' of his plight, Jackson answered:

I believe it has been done according to God's holy will, and I acquiesce entirely to it. You may think it strange; but you never saw me more perfectly contented than I am today; for I am sure that my Heavenly Father designs this affliction for my good. I can wait until God, in His own time, shall make known to me the object He has in thus afflicting me. If it were in my power to replace my arm, I would not dare do it, unless I could know it was the will of the Heavenly Father. pg 172 Stonewall Jackson, by Charles Ludwig

What a challenge this was to me to trust the Lord in all the small things that I worry over! I hope it encourages you today in the same way.


Debbie said...

He was a fantastic general and a wonderful man of faith. The quote you shared was very inspiring - thank you for sharing it.

Robin Sampson said...

How did I miss Jackson was a Christian? I'd love to read this. Thanks for sharing.