Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pajamas for the Sixth Child

This is what happens when you fall down on the laundry upkeep. Is it clean?
I suppose the theme can be 'stripes'.....?


Debbie said...

We have this happen - but it is because my son has one or two shorts that are his favorites and nothing else will do. He will by pass the washing of them just to wear them again because nothing else will do. No other shorts fit as good (according to him). He will put any shirt with these favorite shorts - regardless if it matches. What is important is that he is wearing his favorite shorts!

And some days I am just too tired to fight it! :)

Anne said...

I've decided that pajamas are overrated...if the clothes they are wearing are relatively clean and comfortable, they can sleep in them. Which has actually worked out well this summer since it's been so hot and most of the "pajama" sets they own are long pants and long sleeve shirts. :)

Jenia said...

Cute Candice!