Sunday, December 06, 2009

Halfway There!

I have to say that I really, really like my husband and daughter to be, say, no more than 20 miles away at any given time. Having them on the other side of the world is quite challenging! I miss them both, and selfishly am so ready to have them back home, yet I know that God is working in and through them, and my sacrifice is very small.

I was able to talk to them both this morning and things are going great there. They have been b-u-s-y every minute of every day, it sounds, with a mixture of ministry and projects, as well as fun sight-seeing ventures. I was so excited to hear that Keely's devotional with the little girls went well. She was caught off-guard about the time when she'd be expected to give it, and did not have the materials she'd prepared with, so she had to give her meditation from memory. I know that was a scary feeling, but Kevin said that she did a great job and the girls enjoyed it. God is faithful! I know He is showing her that even through the little things such as this.

Here's my latest prayer request: Kevin will be preaching in a women's prison tomorrow night (our time). He did not know that he'd be able to do this, and is so excited to be able to take the gospel of hope to these women. Please pray for his preparation, ability to preach with translation interruptions, and most of all, that the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of the women who will hear the Word presented. Isn't this such an exciting development?! I can't wait to hear how it goes.


Anne said...

We'll be praying for Kevin. I know the Lord will give him the words that need to be shared. We're glad you've made it through HALF of this separation...only a few more days left, YOU CAN DO IT!!! :) So glad to hear they are having a good time and are getting to share the Word with kids and parents. How exciting for both of them!!

Dana said...

Thanks for the update! Praying.

Liz said...

I'm really enjoying hearing about their trip. Sounds awesome in so many ways!! May God continue to bless & use them!