Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's All Worth It

Yesterday I took a 'Mental Health Day', as I like to call them, and we didn't crack a textbook. We had a long wait at the doctor's office, then I attempted to haul all the kids with me to Costco. Not sure if that was brave or just stupid. :) Actually, they did remarkably well; aided, I'm sure, by the abundance of free food samples. As we were checking out, I was corralling a crying baby, hyper toddler, two arguing little girls, and keeping an eye on the older two. The elderly lady behind me put her soft, wrinkled hand on my arm and smiled at me. "It's all worth it," she said. "Every minute of it. I have six grown children and they are just wonderful. It's all worth it," she repeated.

I smiled back and thanked her for her kind encouragement. And for just a moment, I thought of myself in her shoes: Looking back on most of my years, instead of anticipating them. House quiet and still. Childbearing and nursing days long gone.

It really
is all worth it. All of the exhaustion, frustration, and sacrifice is worth the joy and privilege of loving and knowing these little ones. Someday, when I'm gray, I'm going to pass that wisdom on to a young mother of many.


Leah Hunt said...

Thank you for sharing that tender story! Such a good reminder! They are specials gifts from the Lord!

Love following your blog...always seems to encourage me in my walk and my season of life!

Hope you are feeling well! Would love to see a preggo pic of yourself. I know you are just darling!

Take care and Happy Friday!!!

Jenia said...

That is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing that moment:) I hopeyou enjoyed your "mental health days" I love those!

agnicholl said...

What a great story--thanks for sharing!

Franck Barfety said...

Kinda like God touching your arm and encouraging you - that's divine.

Liz said...

I love those moments with complete strangers. God is good. He knows when we need a little encouragement.

Candice said...

That's right! It was the Lord sending a little encouragement and perspective my way.

JoLynn said...

Yes, it is all worth it. You & Kevin are awesome parents & have the most wonderful kids. I love you all.