Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Mish-Mash on a Cold Day

Beautiful birthday flowers from my Aunt Bren and Uncle Gary

Well, anyway it's cold here. I think 48 degrees is cold for Kansas in October. But I *love* it! Dreary days seem to make home even cheerier, don't you think? And hot mish-mash? Mmmm. Enjoy.

Here's an interesting take on recent children's picture books from Al Mohler. I've made the mistake of not flipping through the little ones' choices at the library and have sometimes been surprised at what I found inside when we got home.

I really, really wish I liked to sew, especially when I see adorable projects like this. Isn't that too creative and cute?

To throw in a little somethin' for you homeschoolers of elementary aged children: I have been so pleased with Rod and Staff's grammar textbooks. It is grammar, so nothing is going to make kids love it, but I love that as sentence structure, adverbs, poetry, and the rest are explained, students are working with Bible verses and stories, as well as other wholesome and uplifting themes. I also appreciate the broad scope covered in these books: everything from telephone manners, to creative writing, to outlining. Each grade set includes a teacher's manual, textbook, supplemental worksheets, and tests, for around $50. Of course, the consumable stuff is much less, so the cost for my younger kids will be less per year as I'll already have the textbook and teacher's book. According to my Mom-in-law, this publisher was one of the first available to homeschoolers in the '80's.

Lastly, I am so glad that a few brave souls held garage sales today. I picked up these two Southern Living Christmas idea/cookbooks for $2 each. After perusing them, I'm feeling inspired to do better with Christmas baking for gifts this year.

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Anne said...

I've always wanted to do more baking for Christmas gifts too. But rarely ever do. Except for the CY kids...I can usually get myself motivated to make up some goodies for them. It's MUCH cheaper than trying to find a gift for each of them. You were a brave soul for GOING to a garage sale today; it was downright chilly outside! :) And I'm with you, I love it! Cool outside means baking that warms up the house and in the fall, that's always a fun thing. :)