Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Stuff

This past weekend Lily and I celebrated our birthdays: she turned 7, and, well...I had a birthday. My dear Mom-in-Law came and it was great to have her here. I'm very blessed to have a mother-in-law who is a wonderful friend. Martha watched the kids while Kevin and I went out Friday night to the Kansas City Symphony. We've never been before and it was really fun to do something different and to enjoy the amazing music.

Several years ago we got the idea from another large family to take each of the kids out, alone, for a 'birthday breakfast'. Eating out is a big deal around here anyway, and it's really special for the kids to have either Kevin or me 'one-on-one'. I think they look forward to this all year. Lily picked IHOP for our time Saturday morning.

Here she is mixing various pancake syrups to attain the maximum sugar-high.

The anticipation is the best part...

...Except when you're about to get your ears pierced. For some random reason, seven is the age when we've told our girls that they may have their ears pierced. So, all the girls except the baby took a trip to the mall together to witness the exciting event.

I love this picture: nervous, scared, but trying to keep smiling anyway. She held it together like a champ.

Celebratory hot chocolate afterward!

It was a great weekend! What a blessed woman am I.


cristina said...

AWW!! Happy Birthday, to you and Lily! I can sympathize with you and your relationship with your mother in law. Mine is a great blessing to me as well! =)

The Stoughton Family said...

Happy birthday!!! (a little late!) it sounds like you and Lily both had wonderful birthdays! and i think that's a great idea of birthday breakfast one on one with the birthday kid!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Candice! Happy Birthday Lily! Glad to hear you had a nice night with Kevin and that Lily had a special day too! Sorry I missed seeing you both on your birthday, I'll have to give you your hugs this week! :) Birthdays are special, I'm glad you got to celebrate in style!