Friday, August 21, 2009

On Hospitality

There have been some great posts recently over at Girltalk on hospitality. I love encouragement in this area; it can be a struggle for me to be intentional about this in the midst of homeschooling and running a home! One thing Julie says is this:
A simple meal served by a relaxed hostess is preferable to an elaborate meal with a worried and anxious hostess.

How true! We've had such fun times with friends when the menu was grilled burgers and chips and store-bought potato salad! And I experienced something once that was very instructional to me.

Years ago I went to a women's gathering hosted by a lady from church. I didn't know her very well, and to be honest, don't remember her name. There were wonderful snacks and games and I think we even did a Christmas-themed craft. But what I remember most clearly was how worried this woman was about her carpet getting messed up! I just had the feeling that she was going to heave a great sigh of relief when she closed the door on the last guest. Needless to say, her attitude did not communicate love or warm hospitality! I have a tendency to be a neat and clean freak, and being on the receiving end of this attitude was a wake-up call for me.

Hope the link above is an encouragement to you, too!

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Teena said...

Candice, this speaks volumes to me.. Thank you! We hardly have friends over any more due to my dh is disabled and doesn't do well in crowds. But for birthdays and holidays I do stress over meals and preparations!Thank you again!