Thursday, July 16, 2009

Much Better!

Thanks to you who gave me some good product reviews and ideas about 'Space Bags' and wire shelving...Voila! Here's an 'after' picture. All the same things are still in the closet, except for a mismatched pillow sham I decided to chuck and a tablecloth that didn't belong there. Keels is modeling the new hiding spot that's been created.

Since the two oldest were at a birthday party all morning, the other kids and I made a Bed Bath and Beyond run. The box of Space Bags was about $40 for 7 large. I have two left over--roughly an $11 value--and I think I want to try a give-away here on the 'ol blog. Leave me a comment (yes, you can too, Mom) sharing your best organizing tip, and I will scientifically and fairly pick a winner by using my five-year-old's random number pick. Contest will close Saturday night at 9:00. Looking forward to all those great tips!

Thanks for your comments! Jenia is the winner of the drawing! I'll get those bags to you soon, Jenia!


Anne said...

I don't have very organization, so this probably won't mean much...but thought I'd put it out there anyway. We buy things in bulk at Sam's club (specifically, shredded cheese, chicken breasts and ground beef) and after we get home, I divide them into quart size freezer bags so I only pull out and thaw what I need at any given time. Works well in helping me see how much of everything I have left and saves space. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks fantastic compaired to what it did before! :) I take note of new ideas on organization from you everytime I come. Have you looked at MY closets?
I'm glad we have a new hiding place too! Thanks for the hint Keely.
Mom, gma

Candice said...

Food organization counts, too, Anne! :)

Rebecca M said...

Good work!! I love sitting back and enjoying the fruit of an organizing project!
My tip: It's much easier to organize less stuff than more stuff, right? So I try to be as cut-throat as I can about getting rid of stuff that I just don't have room for during an organizing project. That's led us to several trips to the Goodwill with a full minivan of donations this year.

I have several areas of our home that I want to tidy up before our #5 comes in September! Hooray for organizing!!

Anonymous said...

I have a grocery list that I keep on the computer. After printing it off, I check off which items I need at the store. That saves extra trips to the store, as well as mental energy trying to think about what I need to buy. Also, I keep it handy during the week, so if someone else notices that we are out of something, they can put a check next to the item we need. I also try to organize the list the same as the items are stocked at the store so I don't have to go back to an aisle for items I missed the first time through.
-Dana :)

Jenia said...

Here is my organization tip. I get a label maker and lable certain things for the girls so they know exactily where to put things! It is working so far!

Charity Grace said...

Your tidy closet is inspiring! I think I will go clean up the messy kitchen cabinet I've planned to get to all week. :)