Friday, July 17, 2009

Gathered Links

I love it when other bloggers put together a list of links to various interesting articles. Here are a few I've found noteworthy lately.

  • A great article from Though geared to the single woman, lots of good stuff here. Are people your favorite idol?

  • John Piper's thoughts on video and drama during church services.

  • A window into Jenny Sanford's character.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Candice!
Amen from another Grandmother!
Aunt Bev

Martha said...

Those were great! Most women find it easy to devote themselves to their children but very hard to do #15--deferring to her husband's standards of behavior for the children. It's important for a mother to find out the goals and wishes of the father for the family and adapt. You're doing it right, Candice!!!