Friday, April 24, 2009

Paint Colors

I had to laugh today when I realized that I'd unintentionally picked almost the exact same paint color for the exterior of our house that I have on the inside. I'm sure this says something deep about me in a psychological sense....maybe, that I'm boring?

Here's a picture showing Annesley making her escape. Notice the look of glee on her face.


The Stoughton Family said...

That's the same look Sawyer gets on his face when we leave the door open for his escape! My goodness those children love to be outside! She is so cute! Oh, and I think the colors of the inside and outside of our house are similar too. The outside is a bit darker shade than the inside, but both are quite neutral. You're not boring, just safe! =)

Mandy said...

Not boring! I prefer the word "consistent". At least that's what I tell myself...:).

Candice said...

Ha! Thanks for the diplomatic take, Mandy! :)