Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seven 'O Clock and All Is Well

This morning was one of those days where the walls seemed to be closing I was especially excited that I had a coffee date on the calendar to meet my dear friend Dana. We've been friends for over ten years, and I don't think we've ever gotten together without assorted children in tow, so it was really nice!

After a leisurely time at the coffee shop, I visited a couple of thrift stores. One of the stores I went to is truly for the die-hard, as it is next to a pet store, and smelled today--which was humid and warm--a bit like pet food and wet dogs. Nevertheless, I found a sweet summer dress for Annesley (still with the tags on), a new picture frame for my bird-lovin' girl, and two brand-new boutique bibs.

Then off to a hair appointment for a trim, and home to my family. All in all, a nice refreshing day! Oh....And....She walks!


The Stoughton Family said...

That's awesome!!!! Sawyer still isn't walking....just standing and dancing! I can't wait to see her new talent at church Sunday!!!

Anne said...

Yay, Annesley! And good job on the purchases; you & I should go to the thrift stores sometime. Did you go to the one on Nieman? Matt always said that it smelled like the pet store next door. :)

Dana said...

I had a great time, also. Good finds at the thrift shops! I can't wait to see Annesley walking.