Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

I was checking out Keely and Noah's journal entries this morning, and what I saw made me smile.

I love their differences! Noah, by the way, only writes three sentences because I have a three-sentence minimum rule. But I'm not trying to insult him; he'd much rather be building something cool, which is great, too. He comes up with the neatest inventions; moving parts and gears and all. I'm a bit in awe that my 8-year-old can do that. I would need a manual and a lot of time.

Does anyone really still believe that differences between boys and girls are due only to 'nurture' and not 'nature'?


Anne said...

I have definitely seen a major difference between my boy and girl. Oddly enough, Tyler is my sensitive one and Bria is going to be my ambitious one. But even though Tyler is sensitive, he's definitely a "rough and tumble" kind of boy. He crashes into things and falls down and jumps up, dusts himself off and takes off again. He'd much rathher play with his cars than color.

cristina said...

oh, it's hilarious! SO true, though. I see it with my kids, too the more they grow up, the more they kinda go their own way. :) LOVE IT, though!!