Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gettin' Organized

My friend Michelle sent me this link; lots of good stuff for organizing your household and homeschool. I was so motivated after checking it out that I made each of the kids a reading list for this semester, something I've put off for a while now. (I used the recommendations from Veritas Press). The kids helped me scour the bookshelves for the ones we have here at home. I also decided to save $12 or so by printing out and putting together my own planner/calendar for the year. Sorry, Hallmark. Maybe not as cute, but just as functional!

How are you getting organized for 2009?


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see what books you picked! That's a great idea. By the way, do you have a list of books you'll be reading? I'm looking forward to recording the books I read this year and always like others' suggestions! Thanks for all your great ideas.
Julie C.

Cristina said...

I had thought about getting Amy Knapp's Homeschool Organizer. I have used her other organizer and really liked the way it was laid out. I like the idea of having calendar/schoolwork/menu/groceries all in one. :o)
One thing I lack is the reading list, I might work on that tonight. :) Where do you get a list with the books? Just things your kids like?

cristina said...

SO silly, I just now saw the list comes from Veritas Press. Oh, boy, my coffee didn't kick in, I guess. :o)

cristina said...

And one more thing: Do you get these from the library or you buy them?

Candice said...

Cristina--Probably 90% of the children's books we own I have gotten at garage sales or thrift stores. I don't own most of the ones on the reading lists, though; I will look for them at the library. If the library doesn't have what I need, then I'll consider buying.

A friend also gave me a good book list from another source besides Veritas. I'll try to find that one and post it here for you. I think it's a 'classical' model school, also. Don't you guys use TWTM?

cristina said...

I get most of my books at garage sales and GW here, but it's not as good as Johnson CO. Oh, I miss the library there... :o(