Friday, January 09, 2009

Challenge for Wives

Living in a world rife with unbiblical ideas about womanhood and marriage, I love it when someone points me back toward the truth. I was so challenged by a post I ran across yesterday.
She should always care more to please him than any other person in the world. She should prize more highly a compliment from his lips than from any other human lips. Therefore she should reserve for him the sweetest charms; she should seek to bring ever to him so new surprise of loveliness; she should plan pleasures and delights for him. Instead of not caring how she looks or whether she is agreeable or not when no one but her husband is present, she should always be at her best for him.
Read the rest of this excellent excerpt from an old and wise book by J.R. Miller.


Anne said...

Hmm, so I shouldn't look like the bedraggled mom that I FEEL like at the end of the day when Matt gets home from work...I'll need to work on that! ;) Thanks for posting that excerpt, Candice.

Anonymous said...

Good reminder-"where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." How could I not treasure highly God's gift of my husband? Just my old sin getting in the way again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a much-needed reminder/encouragement! I need to get this book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candice! I'm reading the exact book right now! Did you know that they have renamed it from "Home-making" to "The Family" because it truly is for every member to read! A wise older women encouraged me to skip over the husbands chapter as it might put "expectations" in my head! Good advice!
Julie Gertner

Jenia said...

Great Reminder! Sometimes I feel like some of that stuff that is important to us gets so lost in the daily shuffle of raising kiddos:) I am trying to find a good balance in all of this:)