Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I should be doing something productive like making pies or cleaning--and I will later, I promise--but I was thinking a minute ago about something (someONE) I am so very thankful for.

When I was in high school and during my short stint in college, I was a lost person. Spiritually adrift, lonely, without any purpose, really, at all. I think I may have looked okay on the outside, but the reality of the state of my heart was very sad.

Then, I met my husband. He was living a confused life, too; we were not searching for God or asking big questions. Our questions were about how to get the most gratification out of our lives. So, we two sinners married and struggled, and yet, God was at work.

For the sake of time (pies, remember) I will fast forward to the present. I have the incredible joy and honor of being married to just the greatest person I know. He is committed to knowing and serving God, and, out of that flows his commitment to me and the kids. He is loving and fun and such a wonderful balance to my tendency to see and think small. I am overwhelmed when I consider the incredible mercy and grace God showed me when He gave me Kevin.

We are still two sinners who struggle and fall. But yet, God is at work, and for that I am so thankful.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet, I want to cry. God is so good to give us our husbands, and so gracious to save and sustain us poor, miserable sinners.


L.G. Reeves said...

I would have never guessed you felt lost or spiritually a drift. Do you think you were not saved? What were sad about or was it in general? Looking back you seemed "ok" what ever that is.

cristina said...

that's sweet!