Monday, November 24, 2008


We had a really nice weekend; Kevin is using up some extra vacation days, so he took Friday off and we enjoyed some extra family time. I love a weekend with two 'Saturdays'! We all went to Hobby Lobby Friday night so the kids could pick out a new Christmas ornament, and then we headed for Pizza Hut.

My stomach just growled as I typed that.

Love Pizza Hut. Have you heard of the Book It Program? Apparently it's been around for 25 years, but I didn't know about it til we started homeschooling. Keely, Noah, and Lily each used their coupon for a free personal pan pizza, which they think is fun and we think is fun too, as it saves us some moolah.


Anonymous said...

I used to participate in Book It when I was in grade school. Pizza Hut headquarters was in Wichita, where I grew up, so we of course knew about the program.

agnicholl said...

Book It was our 'big trips' out of town--my siblings and I loved it! Growing up in a small town and with 6 kids in the family, you did't get to go out to eat very much! We thought it was the greatest and worked REALLY hard for all of our stars! Glad you got to enjoy it, too!