Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just A Few Reasons I Love Homeschooling

A couple of weeks ago I was in the lobby of my bank with the kids, and the lady helping me asked if we homeschooled. We talked a little more and I asked her about the possibility of a field trip for our homeschool group. She very kindly gave me the number of the lady who sets things like that up, and then proceeded to say something like, "Field trips are such a great way for homeschooled kids to get s------------."

You homeschoolers know what word I left out! I started to launch into a polite spiel, but swallwed hard instead and smiled.

What better way to achieve 'socialization' than learning to live with 5 other demanding little sinners in a loving and selfless way? Learning to relate to others of different ages, personalities, and abilities? I could go on...but I'll spare you. I am so very happy that my kids will avoid the 'socialization' that includes drooling over the latest boy band, being pressed into the 'popular' mold, being exposed to the filth that I heard on the bus when I was 8.

Many people say that homeschoolers 'overshelter' their kids. Maybe some do in an extreme way. We can't keep our children in a bubble, and even the most vigilant parent can't watch every moment. I know that homeschooling is no guarantee of absolute safety or purity. But I love the analogy of the tender little plant that needs to be sheltered in a warm greenhouse, not planted outside in the middle of a snowy winter day. All of our kids will one day come face to face with evil; that is an indisputable fact. I just hope that when that day comes for each of my children, that they will be strong, mature oak trees, and not vunerable little seedlings.


Anonymous said...

-Dana, greenhouse worker

L.G. Reeves said...

My sister in law has homeschooled all 5 of hers and they are just fine. I applaud you. I have some home school kids here at the church and they are great kids. a couple of them do got to the high school for like one or 2 classes (advance math and science). TISD makes room for them.

I think of all the things I learned on the bus. YIKES!! sounds like you are doing good as a mom!!!

Candice said...

Didn't I learn some of those things from you, Larry? JUST KIDDING! You were always very respectful and kind to me. :)

L.G. Reeves said...

We all grow. Thank the Lord!!! Although I am still a goofy clown, but cant help that.

Your family was always good to me. I have deep respect for you, your mom and dad and Chris. You guys were a refuge from a nutty world that I lived in. I always felt safe at your house. thank you for that.