Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Praise of Many Siblings

I was thinking about the way the kids relate to the baby today. The older four, especially, relish her new accomplishments with something akin to what I feel as a parent. When we sing together during family worship and she dances in her funny little way, they think it's hysterical. They call me excitedly to say things like, "Mom, Annesley just pulled up on the stair railings!" or, "Mom, watch Annesley giggle when I play peek-a-boo with her!" Being the youngest in the family with only an older brother, I never experienced the delight of a much younger sister or brother.

I am so very grateful that my older children get to enjoy this sweet relationship.


jeniavanhorn said...

It is great when the older ones are so excited about the younger's accomplishments. When Molly was just starting to walk they would say "Mom, Molly walked 2 steps", "Mom Molly walked 5 steps" then after a while... "Mom, Molly walked 25 steps" yes, I do think she is walking now! It reminded me how exciting it is and to enjoy the excitement whether it is 1 or 30 steps!

Tiffany said...

We are experiencing the same things at our house. I am shocked and amazed to hear my "cool" 10 year old BOY talk in cute little baby voices and say things like "Are you the cutest baby brother ever, yes you are!" He will be a great dad someday. It is amazing how the experience has made them both more sensitive to others and more mature.

Stacy said...

Me too! :) This is one of my delights as a mother.