Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thoughts on Modesty

Last night we went to the Johnson County Fair and the kids had a great time. Notice the intentional wording of the above sentence. :) I do remember how exciting a carnival was as a child, so I tried to see things through the kids' eyes: blinking lights and music and cotton candy and strange people and the excitement of it all.

But the sights of the night left me feeling sad.

Everywhere there were teenage girls dressed in the shortest, tightest, skimpiest clothes. And I can't repeat here what Kevin overheard some of them say in line for a ride. To be honest, I remember some things I wore in high school and they weren't exactly modest, either. But it's plain to see that something has changed dramatically in the past few years. Our culture is so hyper-s*exualized, and even little girls' clothing is often provocative.

Kevin and I have often talked about how perfect God's ways are. The family--a strong, close-knit, God-honoring family structured as He intended it--has so many benefits. One of them is protection for women. Which is the exact opposite of what the feminist movement claims...A husband and father following the Lord wants to protect and preserve the innocence and purity of his daughters and encourage his wife to be modest as well. I am so thankful for Kevin in this area; to be honest, at times it's been a struggle over the course of our marriage. There have been instances when I was offended because Kevin didn't want me to wear something that I felt was 'okay'. But he was (and is) still willing to risk a conflict with me in order to do the right thing.

This morning I read this, and it was timely and encouraging. Why don't you share it with your daughters today?


Anonymous said...

Speaks volumes, doesn't it?
Thanks for sharing the blog.

cristina said...

I only have one little girl, but it's a headache trying to find modest clothes she can wear comfortably. :(