Monday, August 11, 2008

10 Questions

My friend Julie passed this list of 10 questions to ask your children. The Lord allowed me to have some time this morning with one child alone, before anyone else was awake, and we went through them together. Wow, was this productive! There were some tears and hugs and I have more clarity on what I need to work on in this journey called motherhood. Regarding question #9: I resolve to not wear my pajamas around my child's friends. (Hey, I have those days around here! And surely it wasn't past 3:00p.m....)

10 Questions Parents Should Ask Their Children Every Year

By Tom Eliff

1. Do you feel that we are getting along well together?

2. What are some things you think we could do to improve our relationship?

3. Do you believe I really care about who you are as an individual…or just how you behave? (Do you think I am concerned most about you, or how you make me appear to others?)

4. Have I ever made a promise to you that I didn’t keep?

5. Do you feel that I respect you? Do you respect me?

6. Is there something you would enjoy doing together with me? What would keep up from doing this?

7. Is there some secret you are keeping from me out of fear that I would love you less?

8. What can I do to show you that I want to be more like Christ?

9. Is there something I do that annoys you, or embarrasses you?

10. How could I best express to you just how much I love you, and how honored I feel to be your parent?

Optional: Did I omit a question you wish I would ask?

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