Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Projectile Baby Food

Annesley is unimpressed with rice cereal. I cannot get this child to eat it! I'm thinking of skipping it altogether and trying sweet potatoes or something instead.

Good thing her bib is long. It makes a nice shield for all the cereal she was spitting in my direction.


Anonymous said...

You could try avocado. It is easy to fix-you don't even cook it! It has a mild taste and is very healthy. Lindsay liked it.


cristina said...

by the third baby I skipped cereal all together and just gave him mashed veggies. It was an easier transition to table food. :)
She has Noah's eyes, she's really a pretty baby. :)

Candice said...

I think I'm ready to try something else, too. I think I'll try some yellow veggies.

Jodi said...


Thanks for your sweet note on my blog today. :)

I had fun browsing around here. Your kids are all so cute! And I enjoyed reading what you're doing for homeschooling this year. :)

Take care!