Thursday, May 01, 2008

Girls in the Kitchen

Keely loves to bake and cook. Which works out great for me, since I don't. The thought of standing in the kitchen waiting to take a cookie sheet out so I can put 5 more in has lost much of its magic. Fortunately it hasn't for my almost-ten-year-old and her best buddy. They had a ball making some cookies for us all to enjoy....and they even cleaned up the kitchen. I may never bake again!


Anonymous said...

Mia had so much fun cooking with Keely! When they delivered the cookies to our house, they rang the doorbell and sang "Happy Mom's Day to You" (to the tune of Happy Birthday). It was very sweet...and the cookies were good! :)

velvet said...

Baking at 10? That's awesome! When do are they old enough to handle dinner and dessert?! I can't wait!