Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, it's back to normal here. It's great to have the kids back and be getting back into our routine. Right now the kids are working their way through their morning responsibilities. I'm trying a new system. Instead of sending them off to do each thing and reminding assorted children several times to do such-and-such, I've been writing a list on a whiteboard for each of them to check in the morning. I list their chores and any schoolwork they can complete before we get into our 'official' school time. So far, so good. I think the kids have their mother's obsessive gene and enjoy marking things off a list.

Please pray for us especially this week. Sprint is completing layoffs, supposedly by Friday. Yesterday Kevin was busy, since he's in network security, making sure all was safe from potentially disgruntled ex-employees. He said it was a bit sad to see people getting 'walked off' campus. We know that we are completely in God's hands, so neither of us feel especially anxious; however, it seems to us that Kevin's job is a good one...but we have pretty limited views of God's plan, don't we? If anything happens, you'll hear about it here....

Speaking of Kevin, he likes to let me know (read: rub in) when he gets to go to great restauruants with coworkers, knowing I am here dining on pb&j or macaroni and cheese. He was taken out to lunch yesterday at J. Alexander's, one of the nicest restaurants in Overland Park. I'm sure the company and conversation here were much better, though. :)

On a very important note, some of the kids and I went to Wally World yesterday afternoon to get a few things, and I was scouring the Easter clearance aisles for one thing: Peeps. Can you believe that there were NONE left? This is a tragedy. You don't know how many times this weekend I've said, "Can Mommy have another one of your Peeps? I'll buy you some more." or, "I ate some of your Peeps while you were napping, but, never fear, I'll get some more for you after Easter when they're on sale!" Now who feels like a terrible candy stealer.

Next year, I'm making mySELF an Easter basket.

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velvet said...

Killin' me with the Peeps story! I can't stand those things. My Mom loved them too, and always filled our baskets with them. I'm sure there's nothing better to a thrify mom than Peeps on clearance! Funny.