Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home Again

This morning we'll go to OKC to pick up the kids from Kevin's Mom. We have had such a great week; lots of time together, with friends, and working on projects.

One thing that we've been doing in the evenings is watching Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' 'Love and Respect' DVD series. It has been SO good. I know that he has written a book by the same name, but if at all possible, you should get your hands on the video. He is an amazing communicator and hilarious to watch at times.

Here are some pictures of Noah's bunk beds that we worked on refinishing this week. I had to throw the cute one of Annesley in there, too. She supervised and sounded the alarm when it was break time, also known as 'time-to-give-the-baby-some-attention-time'.


Cristina said...

We are going through the series and really enjoying him. :)
Cute bunk beds, our boys are next in line for bunk beds, too. :)

Crystal Paine said...

How fun to find someone who lives close! You'll have to email me and introduce yourself sometime--I'd love to meet up with you at the library, too!

We're transplants to this area and since we moved here only a year ago, so we often still feel like we don't know a whole lot of folks and always love to meet new believers!

(Oh and just FYI: I didn't post your comment because we try to keep where we live private as we have some true weirdos who frequent my blog and I'd rather be safe than sorry.)