Monday, November 13, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things

A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I enjoyed a wonderful long weekend together sans kids. Don't get me wrong, we don't always long to get rid of our kids for a few days of respite.... but, we do sometimes. Our church was offering a marriage conference on Friday evening and part of Saturday and we really wanted to go, so my wonderful (and brave) Mother-in-law offered to meet us in Oklahoma City to get all five of the kids for the weekend. I know: how lucky am I?

While the kids were in North Richland Hills staying at Kevin's sister Mandy's house, Keely was bitten by the entreprenurial bug. She and my six-year-old niece Faith decided to make assorted "crafts" and sell them. Our church supports a missionary who works with children in Thailand, so Keely thought this was a worthy cause to bestow all her earnings on. In Thailand, when a woman is sentenced to jail time and has young children at home, they actually go to jail with her. These kids literally sit in a cell with their moms, without any programs or accomodation for their needs, other than the physical ones. So Keely has spent lots of time hearing about and praying for these women and their children through her Wednesday night "Kids' Prayer" class.

My sister-in-law went out to check on the girls and their set-up in the driveway, when she noticed Keely's large sign. In marker, it said, "Mom's in Jail. Need Money." Of course, you can see her logic: The moms are in jail--we need money to help them! But don't you think this succinct appeal is more heart-wrenching?

Mandy thanked me for giving the neighbors so much to talk about.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. Good thing she didn't do it in front of your house, or the neighbors might think that Candice has been up to something!


velvet said...

Hilarious, Candice! I wish I could hang out with that girl. She seems really special and so much fun!