Friday, November 09, 2012

Fall Photos

 No fall decor is complete without...Mater. 

  I'm glad I got a picture of Sam's addition to the centerpiece.  I came through the dining room later and he was gone. 

  Last Saturday was our church's fall party.  Here's my artistic friend Mary Jane getting ready to paint some faces. 

 Sam gets ready to exit the bounce house.

  Hay scramble!

 Oh, and as you can see, Keely took most of these pictures.  Thanks, Keels!

 Our pastor, Wade, on the left, and Kevin playing a friendly game of beanbag toss. 

Chili cook-off tasters hard at work!  

I love hanging out with our church family!  We are truly blessed with such wonderful friends in Christ to walk with. 


Heather L. said...

What a fun party! Our fellowship committee is in the midst of reorganization so we haven't done much in awhile.....

Anne said...

Nice pictures! I especially liked the Mater pictures. ;) Seems as though I'm always finding something in the background of my pictures that makes me chuckle (or sometimes, groan ;)). Such is life with kids, right?

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