Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My First 5k!!

I am not an athlete.  I never have been, and never have been in particularly good shape, either.  Last spring, my friend Gretchen started a running group, and I decided to join in an effort to get those pregnancy pounds off.  So, running was hard.  It was painful, and I didn't really like it.  In the beginning, I could only run three or four minutes without having to stop and walk a little.  But gradually a funny thing happened.  Not only could I run farther without stopping, but I actually began to like to run!  It's a great stress reliever, I find, and it's so satisfying to begin to have gradual increased endurance. So, running a 5k is not like running a marathon, or a half-marathon, or a 10k.  But it was a beginning, and a big deal for me!  Don't worry; I'll not embarrass myself by putting a '3.1' sticker on my van.  (Do they even make those?!) :)  Last Saturday I ran in my first race.  Though it was certainly not fast or pretty, it was fun, and I did it!   

 Ruth, Gretchen, and I.  Gretchen (in green) has a little baby bump under her number.  She's amazing!

Here's the story behind the race.  Pray for this dear family, as they will always ache for their son.


Jenia said...

Way to go!!!

Anne said...

Proud of you Candice! :) Pretty sure I couldn't keep up with you!! Keep up the good work!!