Friday, August 03, 2012

Go to Church to Be the Church

Much has been written on this topic, and I actually haven't encountered anyone lately who has used the 'be the church/don't go to church' phrase, but I think the things contained in this succinct article are so valuable.  If the statistic it mentions--60% of self-identified Christians don't attend worship--is correct, this is needed teaching and encouragement. 

"Church membership is a gift and a duty. It’s sort of like making your children eat their dessert."


Anonymous said...

Okay, Candace...
get ready to laugh. I read a few blogs, and was scrolling through the (interesting!) comments at Making Home on an article about family size...and thought...wait, that looks like Candace! Then I clicked through to your blog...and low and behold...I know this family! So, now I have a new blog to read. Ha. Looks like a lovely place to visit.
And...I like the idea of church being "dessert." You might need to help my Noah, however, who tends to view it as an offending vegetable. We're working on that one.
Be blessed,
Amara from CC

Anonymous said...

And just forgive me, because I keep wanting your name to have an "a."

Also, I'm pretty positive I meant "lo and behold." Evidently the homeschooling isn't making me much smarter!

Candice said...

Ha, Ha! So glad you stopped by and said 'hi', Amara! I love Making Home, too; it's one of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing more of you and yours in a couple of weeks! :)