Friday, March 09, 2012

Free Coding Class Online

Lily leads the kids as they practice their timeline

Annes hangs out in her shanty while the kids recite

Have you guys heard of Codecademy? I'm going to get Noah started on this today; I love free, and I think this is a very valuable skill. As a matter of fact, learning this skill roughly twenty years ago is what got my very smart and computer-savvy husband on his career track. Nowadays he doesn't do much coding for his 9-5 job, but does have a small side web-development business. Plus, over the years he's been able to help lots of people with websites, and donate his skills to bless churches with updated sites.

I am so glad that I can rearrange Noah's workload (perhaps give Mavis Beacon a rest for a while?) so he can focus on what he (and I) want him to. Yes, my house is a wreck, laundry beckons, and I am still wearing spit-up stained pajamas. Despite those things and the sometimes chaotic-feel to our days, I love being here with my kids, learning with them and directing their learning every day. Three cheers for homeschooling!


Heather L. said...

That looks great! Will have to see about Andrew doing this. Thanks!

Cristina said...

thanx for the tip, that's right up Connor's alley and free is GREAT! =)

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