Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Know What's on My Mind

I'm sitting here tooling around online during my Mommy Break. Keely makes this happen by preparing lunch for the kids each day. Love that! :) I thought this was an interesting look at popular baby names recently and over the past century or so. Here's a look at different facts about fertility in the U.S. (Be warned that some of the ads here are a bit immodest...)

We are plugging away at school today and looking forward to my parents' arrival tomorrow. Hope your week's going great!


Anne said...

It's always on my mind too. ;) So glad your parents are arriving soon...now if little one will too, you'll be all set. Be assured of our prayers for a smooth delivery. Can't wait! (Though I'm sure my anticipation is nothing compared to yours or the rest of your family's!)

By the way, did any of those adapters work or do I need to keep looking???

Joe and Maggie said...

Baby names are always on my mind, and I'm not even pregnant! I love older names, although Joe will never be able to convince me of Pointdexter (I can't tell if he's still joking or serious anymore) :D