Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday Update....October Already?

We had a normal Monday: Our morning was spent at our Classical Conversations community (And Keely spent her whole day there since her jr. high classes last 'til three), then we braved Walmart, made it home, and cleaned out the van--I could take the trashiness no more. Between school, and chores, and dinner, and dealing with training issues with children small and big (the children and the issues!), I am ready to crash. It's been a while since I sat down to blog, though, so I'll share some pictures interspersed with what (little) I have to say. :)

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a beautiful day at a new friends' house. The kids enjoyed the rare treat of horseback riding. Annes was very concerned that she get the purple helmet. Such a girly-girl!

During our CC class' oral presentation time, Noah introduced the newest, ah, member of our family: Eugene the rat. I acknowledge Eugene from afar, and we get along fine that way.

I bought this little power-wheels toy for $7 at a garage sale, thinking batteries were affordable. Not so. However, Samuel spends a lot of time sitting on/climbing on/hitting it with a hammer, so it was a well-spent $7 after all.

These are some pictures from our trip to the cider mill. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed watching the process and eating cider donuts with our hot cups of cider. Above, the kids watch the apples getting washed before they're processed.

On Saturday, Kevin and I watched a very interesting movie: The Conspirator. I had no idea there were other assassination attempts on the night Lincoln was shot, and had never heard about the notorious trial that followed the roundup of the conspirators. It seems like I'm amazed a lot lately at how much I don't know.

Speaking of learning new things, I am reading a really great book right now: Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey. Pearcey systematically examines the causes of our compartmentalized Christianity, beginning with the ancient philosophers' ideas through modern day thought. There have been some chapters that have been a bit slower and required more concentration, but parts of the book are really riveting. I just finished reading the chapters about the First and Second Great Awakenings, and how those movements have shaped the modern church (for good and bad). Really fascinating stuff.

Well, friends, my eyelids are beginning to droop, and I need to go elevate these tired pregnancy feet. Blessings, and have a happy week!

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Tiffany said...

Total Truth is one of my favorite books, a must read for all christians I believe